Studio 4496

Studio 4496 for over fourteen years has been devoted to the form, physique and figure of men. Beginning as an amateur passion in 1992, I have developed a small portfolio of approximately 15,000 images with a primary focus on male art nudes. In addition to the physique and fine art work, over the past year I've also started to collaborate with models who are interested in exploring their fantasies and fetishes.
Other than a few images sold to private collectors over the years, this Web site is the first time I've begun to show my work. I add galleries when I have a rare spare moment; but try to put up something new at least every other month. I hope you enjoy its development and, of course appreciate any feedback and purchase inquiries you may have.
My first serious attempt at male fine art photography was in the company of some very talented photographers -- Jeff Palmer, Dennis Dal Covey and Bob Stickel among others -- at a co-op workshop organized by Bob's Ten Casting Management Company in 1995. From those early contacts came another venture, Bodyscapes Gallery in Key West, which I ran successfully for several years. Through the gallery I met and had the opportunity to interact with  yet other extraordinary photographers -- Tom Bianchi, David Morgan, J. Davy Kirkpatrick, Greg Gorman, Joe Ziolkowski, Alan Bonacatti, Ed Cox, Everett Engbers, Art Minds, Kal Yee, Tom Watkin, George Machado, Jay Jorgensen, Keith Munyon, Dean Keefer -- to name just a few. From each of these exceptional artists I've learned a great deal. Plus I continue to hone my own craft as I meet and interact with the people who make it all possible -- the guys who are willing to expose more than just their bodies; but give me a bit of their psyche as well. 

One of the reasons there haven't been many new galleries over the past few months (in addition to attempting to recover from hurricanes Dennis, Katrina, Rita & Wilma) has been that I've gone into a new partnership to create a one-of-a-kind male website. As a result most of my photography efforts have been focused on developing the new site

Somewhere between "art & tart," it's a collection of several photographers' working with top male models. The unique feature of the site is that you get to be there and see everything that happens behind the scenes at an erotic photo shoot. And just about everything that could happen -- does. The site launched May 12, 2006. It is updated with new images and videos twice each week. Hope you'll check it isn't your ordinary porn site.

Michael Kilgore
Key West, FL
July 2006


Tom Bianchi once told me personally (and has since published), "There's no such thing as pornography. There's only bad lighting." I couldn't agree more -- but perhaps in a little different sense that Tom meant. The technique has to be there -- photography is, after all the art of light.  But for me the photography is also about finding and illuminating some aspect of an individual's personality that makes him exceptional. It ranges from the adventurous to the vulnerable, from the gregarious to the lonely or from the erotic to the self-absorbed. Whatever it is that I'm fortunate enough to capture, it's all part of this wonderful human journey we're on together. And, for me, there's a lot of beauty to capture along the way. My particular path just happens to involve an appreciation for the the male experience and body.


Currently, I am reorganizing to become more professional and aggressive in my approach in model placements and am also actively building up the portfolio. While most of the work currently is for portfolio development, some is used professionally for advertising layouts, ZED cards, magazine spreads, greeting cards and art prints. If you think you would be interested in working with me, please click on the model link below for further information.


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